Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Calming & Grounding RollOn

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Calming & Grounding RollOn

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Age Well Dog Aromatherapy provides cognitive support for your dog to help them relax and feel calmer, while encouraging them to stay focused and in the moment, as it lifts their mood and balances the ragged edges. Display and directions brochures included. Age Well Dog Aromatherapy supports and assists your senior dog mentally and emotionally as they age…naturally. Many dogs, just like people, begin to show forgetfulness or a lack of awareness of their surroundings as they age. Some become frightened or disoriented for no discernible reason. .45 ounce Plastic Roll-on Bottle 2.7 oz Aluminum Spray Mist Bottle Features 3 Old Friends Labels • CEDARWOOD grounds • CYPRESS soothes emotions • FRANKINCENSE quiets anxiety • LAVENDER calms • VETIVER stress relief • BERGAMOT uplifts • MYRRH calms agitation • YLANG YLANG balances nerves • GRAPEFRUIT enlivens mind • ROSEMARY for mental clarity • BLOOD ORANGE uplifts depression

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