Copal Sage with Unakite Crystal

Copal Sage with Unakite Crystal

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Copal Sage & Unakite Crystal is used to purify the energy of spaces, places, and objects. Connecting and finding balance. Creating self-esteem in the best and healthiest way for self care.

Copal Sage is a mountain sage dipped in copal. It is for connecting to nature and the balance that it brings. Copal is a tree resin that is mixed with the sage to create the best nature energy connection.

The Unakite Crystal is for creating self esteem in the best and healthiest way connecting to all things in nature that help empower you.

How to smudge: Light the whole bundle or break it apart and use the individual sticks. Use a fireproof dish to catch any sparks. Gently push the sage into a fireproof dish until the embers are gone.

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