Shine On+Sheen Canine Conditioner & Coat Polish

Shine On+Sheen Canine Conditioner & Coat Polish

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Shine-On+Sheen! Leave-In Canine Conditioner, De-Tangling, Coat Polish Spray You'll Wonder How You Lived Without It! Every coat type from the smoothest of Chihuahuas to the abundantly coated Newfoundland benefits from Shine-on+Sheen Coat Spray. Think of this shiny dog coat spray as a leave-in conditioner that is also an awesome de-tangler, de-matter that gives shine and sheen! And it smells subtly of Sweet Pea. Check out the picture of Ashley's horse's mane!

• Leave-in conditioner • Loosens mats • Lessens drying time

• Untangles the most tangled of tangles • Cuts static • Shines & polishes your dog’s coat

• Repels dirt

• Use when force drying to release more undercoat

• Alcohol free and hypo-allergenic

• Ready to use

• Can be diluted 2:1

• 8oz bottles

Contains: aqua water, silk and keratin proteins, glycerin, coco betaiine amodimethicone, araleaceae ginseng, rosa robigiosa rose hips, salvia officonalis sage,Vitamins A, Vitamins D, Vitamins E.

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